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My Story

I received my Bachelor’s in Social Work with an emphasis in sociocultural studies, spending the next 15+ years in the social service industry, serving many different populations in many different ways.  Then, one day, I finally broke.  I realized I had no idea who I was at the most foundational, authentic level. I needed to find my soul again.  


I decided to volunteer with a local non-profit devoted to the service of the mighty horse, an animal my younger self could not get enough of and my older self seemed to have forgotten about during the complexities of life.  As I threw myself deeper into the organization, their community and work, I transitioned from volunteer to stablehand, to barn manager, and finally a program director.   As I took on more responsibilities with the horses, I started to experience the energy around my emotions in a way that I had never felt before.  No amount of education, training, or even therapy was able to provide me with the tools to access the power I held within MYSELF to access authenticity.  However, the horses did. 


I decided that I wanted to find a way where I could work with horses as well as humans in order to empower others to find and create their own unique and authentic energy for themselves, a way that didn’t necessarily require an MSW, special licensure, etc.  I did some research and found an Equine-Facilitated Learning Coach certification program that aligned with my spirit and my goal.


This is what I want to do.  I want to  be a guide for people - to walk with them on their path towards authenticity - and I want to do so in partnership with the horse.  I do not want to “fix” people and their problems anymore.    I want to walk alongside them and Horse as they discover and access the resources within themselves that empower them to be who they want to be and do what they want to do in this life.

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My Approach

As an equine guided learning coach, I aim to create a safe space for my clients to interact with the Turquoise Horses in a way that allows them to feel comfortable in a place of vulnerability as they pursue clearer insight into their Authentic Self.  I do so by engaging in a three-way conversation with both horse and client.  My approach is body-centered in its focus.  I have no agendas for my clients.

I have become proficient in understanding the distinct ways my equine co-coaches interact with the energetic uniqueness that each client brings to the sessions.  I have developed an understanding of my equine partners' energetic and behavioral language as it relates to the flow of each session.

I do not offer therapy to my clients.  I offer the opportunity for my clients to gain insight into who they are at their most authentic core through navigating interactions with mind, body, and behaviors.  My goal is to coach my clients towards experiencing the freedom of understanding the energy around their thoughts that guide their actions and to experience the power of being able to control those thoughts, that energy, and those actions in order to become who they want to become and live the life that they want to live.

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