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Discover the authentic energy that fills your body & enthuses your spirit.


Let the Turquoise Horse be your guide.


About Me

I am a social service provider turned barn manager, program director, and equine-guided learning coach. 

Other titles I hold are mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, and ally. 


I believe that we all have the power and resources within to decide who we want to be in this life.  Sometimes, we just need a little help in accessing that power and those resources. I welcome the opportunity to become a guide to those who are ready to embark on the journey towards establishing the life that they want to live by consciously accessing and engaging in thoughts, energy, and actions that are congruent with who they are at the most authentic level of being. 

The Turquoise Horse is an innate healer who possesses the wisdom to know that healing happens when those in need initiate the healing process for themselves. 

Turquoise Horse is here to meet you. 

All you need to do is come.

- Johanne Gentlebread

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"When I started working with Johanne, I did not have any experience with equine-guided learning and rarely felt comfortable opening up to others about my innermost thoughts and feelings. I have always felt a subtle sense of insecurity within myself and knew I needed something deeper in life to help calm the turmoil I often felt. Ultimately, I was craving a better sense of peace and emotional balance.


Johanne’s easy-going and caring presence always instantly puts me at ease. I always appreciate that she guides me through each session while working with her beautiful horses. She has a unique and talented way of helping humans connect to horses and allowing them to guide me to live a more horse-like life. I am always amazed when I complete our sessions. I walk away in awe of her unique way to help me apply their teachings to my life.


Through my sessions with Johanne and her horses, I am learning tools to help me feel more balanced and content in life, even when the busyness of everyday life surrounds me, I reflect back to our sessions, lean into the tools I have learned to find my balance and peace with whatever is happening around me. I am grateful for Johanne and Turquoise Horse; my life is better because of them!"

- Jodi

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102 165th St * River Falls * Wisconsin * 55402

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